Intellectual Outputs

Throughout the duration of the Euro-iVET project a number of Intellectual Outputs have been developed by the partners who are participating in the project.  There are eight outputs in total and each is listed below. 

Intellectual Output 1 – Euro-iVET Comparative Study and Needs Analysis

This study looks into current trends and issues regarding youth unemployment within the context of each partner country. The aim of the Intellectual Output is to ensure that the Euro-iVET project will really meet the current needs of the young people. The full report has been produced in English, with summaries of each partner country produced in the partner languages. It should be noted that the research was undertaken in 2015 for IO1, and therefore would not be so relevant now, however it was key in informing the project as a whole.

The Euro-iVET Executive Summary can be found here – Euro-iVET Executive Summary

Intellectual Output 2 – Euro-iVET Practitioner – Occupational Profile and Competency Framework

Using the findings from Intellectual Output 1 and by scoping the range of occupations and job roles that constitute the Euro-iVET target group, this output seeks to identify the skills, qualities, and characteristics necessary for successful work with or for young people, such as resilience and empathy. The identification of these traits helped to focus the curriculum development for Intellectual Output 3.

The Euro-iVET Competency Framework can be found here – Euro-iVET Competency Framework

Intellectual Output 3 – Euro-iVET Training Curriculum Content

Intellectual Output 3 is the Training Curriculum itself. It has been produced as a PowerPoint presentation and has a 4-part structure: 1. Understanding the needs of the young person 2.Understanding the workplace culture 3. Ensuring an effective initial intervention 4. Bridging the culture clash. Within each module you can find a variety of activities such as role plays, research projects, and self-reflection.

An overview of the Curriculum Framework can be found here – Overview of the Curriculum Framework

Intellectual Output 4 – Euro-iVET ‘Train the Trainers’ Toolkit Pedagogical Guide

To accompany the Training Curriculum a ‘Train the ‘Trainers’ toolkit has been produced as accompanying materials aimed at senior trainers responsible for overseeing candidates taking part in the modular Euro-iVET Curriculum to other VET professionals in a range of settings.

The ‘Train the Trainers’ Toolkit Pedagogical Guide can be found here – ‘Train the Trainers’ Toolkit Pedagogical Guide

Intellectual Output 5 – Curriculum Learning Platform – Pilot Testing

In order to establish a coherent approach to testing the emerging results from the Intellectual Outputs, a common curriculum learning platform was devised for pilot testing the Training Curriculum and the Train the Trainers Toolkit. This platform will also be used by future candidates taking part in the Training Curriculum, either as part of a group session delivered by a senior trainer or by participants taking part independently and remotely. You can sign up to the course here:

Intellectual Output 6 – Assessment, Validation and Certification Framework

This output explores the potential options for assessment, validation, or certification. Within the framework you can find well-researched options for each of the partner countries. This output will be available for partners to consider beyond the end of the project and links closely to IO8.

The Assessment, Validation, and Certification Framework can be found here – Assessment, Validation and Certification Framework

Intellectual Output 7 – Euro-iVET Network of Practitioners

Intellectual Output 7 is a detailed appraisal of possible options for creating a network of practitioners. This output begins to consider the legacy and sustainability of the project beyond its end date. We have looked into creating a networking of our own stakeholders, who have participated in the project through multiplier events and testing workshops. We have also opened a Facebook group, amongst other considerations.

The Euro-iVET Network of Practitioners Appraisal can be found here – The Euro-iVET Network of Practitioners Appraisal


Intellectual Output 8 – Policy Recommendation and Guidelines

This output is focussed on the impact and legacy of the project targeted towards public authorities and policy stakeholders at the local, regional, national and European level concerned with urban policy and the successful design and implementation of VET programmes.

The Policy Recommendation and Guidelines Executive Summary can be found here – Policy Recommendation and Guidelines Executive Summary