Welcome to Euro–IVET : Enhancing the quality of Initial Vocational and Education Training for young people in urban and multicultural settings

The aim of our project is about equipping professional Vocational and Educational Trainers (VET) to bridge the ‘culture clash’ between disadvantaged young people living in major urban and inner-city environments, employers and vocational education.

Euro-IVET is aimed at the ‘VET professional’. This could be trainers, tutors, teachers; information advice and guidance staff; job counsellors; staff with responsibilities for arranging work experience, job ‘tasters’, traineeships, apprenticeships with employers; and educational access and outreach staff.

The project has created: new occupational profiles, a competency framework, a training curriculum, a training network and a new assessment, certification and qualification framework at the European level which will facilitate the improvement in prospects for young people who have been alienated by a traditional educational experience. Throughout the lifetime of the project, hundreds of VET professionals from participating countries have been engaged; their ideas and experience have been key for the development of the project.

You can visit the Project Intellectual Outputs page for further information and details on the achievements and resources created as part of the project.